Following Jabodetabek, the following is a list of cities where analog TV is injected

2022-09-23 23:54:46 By : Ms. Lydia Xiang

Several regions will soon follow the areas of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi (Jababodetabek) to switch completely to digital TV broadcasting.Anything?Previously, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kominfo) said that Jabodetabek will fully migrate to digital broadcasting on October 5, 2022. The Analog Switch Off (ASO) itself will be carried out nationally no later than November 2, 2022."After Jabodetabek, prepare for Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, after that outside Java there will be Medan, Banjarmasin, Bali, Palembang, and Makassar," said Broadcasting Director of Kominfo Geryantika Kurnia, at her office, Jakarta, Friday (23/9).However, he did not specify when the entire region would migrate to digital broadcasting.His party only explained the criteria for assessing regional readiness that could be applied.First, people in the area watch analog broadcasts on a daily basis.Second, residents in related areas can see digital TV broadcasts with the same minimum coverage as analog TV broadcasts.Third, the distribution of the Set Top Box tool has spread."Now there are 40 more service areas whose STBs have been distributed. We can see the developments according to the previous criteria," said Geryantika.Special Staff of the Minister of Communication and Information, Rosarita Niken, added that until November 2, 2022 ASO will be carried out in 112 broadcast areas consisting of 341 Regency/City administrative regions.Meanwhile, 90 service areas have been prepared for multiplexing infrastructure (MUX) so that people in these areas can migrate to digital television broadcasting."For 22 service areas that have not received digital broadcasts, LPP TVRI is currently developing multiplexing through state funding. So that in the near future, people in these areas will soon receive digital broadcasts," said Niken.For information, Jabodetabek will turn off analog TV broadcasts on October 5th.Here's a list of the regions: