How to Install a Set Top Box on Analog TV - Come on Bandung

2022-03-26 06:26:54 By : Mr. Jerome Lin

how to install Set Top Box on Analog TV.LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM -- Indonesia will stop broadcasting Analog TV starting April 30, 2022 in 3 stages.Analog TV will be replaced with digital TV.People who still use Analog TV can switch to digital TV by using a Set Top Box (STB) device.Set Top Box is a tool to convert digital signals into pictures and sounds that can be displayed on ordinary Analog TVs.You don't need a satellite dish, just a UHF-VHF television antenna.Also Read: How to Get a Free Digital TV Set Top Box from KominfoHowever, do not choose the wrong STB.Reported by, people must choose STB DVB-T2.Not a DVD-C (cable) STB, a DVB-S (satellite) STB, or a DVB-IPTV (internet protocol TV) STB.Here's how to install a Set Top Box on an Analog TV:How to check if the TV is digital or not:Also Read: What's the Difference Between Digital TV Set Top Box and Android TV Box?Jl.Halimun Canal No.50 Bandung +62 (22) 73517371 & 73513312