Have a Digital TV, Watch Digital TV Broadcasts, No Need for STB

2022-09-24 00:00:04 By : Mr. Da Xu

People who already use television with a digital-based system are said to not have to bother preparing tools in the form of a Set Top Box (STB) to enjoy digital tv broadcasts.Special Staff of the Minister of Communication and Information for Digital and Human Resources, Dedy Permadi, said that digital TV has automatically captured digital signals.This is different if the TV used by the community is still analog, so it needs an STB to capture digital frequencies."Televisions that are already capable of accessing digital signals do not need any assistive devices," said Dedy via short message, Thursday (24/3).He explained that the public can check whether their devices can access digital broadcasts by checking the digital tv signal search menu option (DTV) on television sets."Or check the type and equipment on the list of digital signal receiving devices through the broadcast digital.kominfo.go.id page," he said.Furthermore, Dedy said that his party had completed digital TV broadcasting and subsequently stopped broadcast access on analog TV starting in the first stage on April 30."Currently, in all areas scheduled for the first phase of ASO on April 30, 2022, there are digital broadcasts. So people are encouraged to immediately switch and try digital broadcasts," he said.ASO will not happen all at once.In the first phase, starting April 30, 2022, ASO will be held in 56 regions on the islands of Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Maluku, and Papua.Meanwhile, Permenkominfo number 11 of 2021 states that there are three stages to the migration schedule for analog TV to digital TV.Phase 1 no later than 30 April 2022, stage 2 no later than 25 August 2022, stage 3 no later than 2 November 2022.