Emtek Changes HD Transponder on Telkom 4 Satellite to Improve Digital TV Broadcast Distribution Quality - Kabar Besuki

2022-07-01 23:43:42 By : Luo Jack

BESUKI NEWS - Emtek recently made changes to the transponder in high definition (HD) format on the Telkom 4 satellite.Emtek changed the transponder in HD format on the Telkom 4 satellite in order to improve the quality of distribution and reception of digital TV broadcasts (DVB-T2).Emtek's changes to the HD transponder on the Telkom 4 satellite caused the reception of digital TV broadcasts from SCTV, Indosiar, O Channel, and Mentari TV to be disrupted in several areas.Also Read: UPDATE Digital TV June 14 2022: Ajwa TV Officially Airs on MUX Emtek 36 UHF SamarindaSince 2021, Emtek has been broadcasting in HD format via the Telkom 4 satellite on the 4014 H 7400 transponder for the purpose of distributing digital TV broadcasts outside Jabodetabek.Through this transponder, people in several areas outside Greater Jakarta can watch FTA Emtek broadcasts such as SCTV, Indosiar, O Channel, and Mentari TV in HD quality (with 1080i resolution) without a subscription fee.Viewers only need to use a digital TV set or set top box (STB) that is connected to a UHF antenna and is affordable with Emtek's digital TV coverage area to be able to catch these broadcasts for free.Even since December 1, 2021, SCTV, Indosiar, and O Channel have implemented a 16:9 aspect ratio or anamorphic display for the convenience of watching sports matches for viewers who have migrated to digital TV broadcasts.However, since a few days ago, Emtek made changes to its HD transponder on the Telkom 4 satellite.Perum Kalirejo Permai C.22 Kabat, Banyuwangi – East Java Phone : (0333) 3384029 Email : redaksikabarbesuki@gmail.comPT Collaboration Mediapreneur Nusantara Jl.Asia Africa No.75 Bandung - West Java, 40111, Ph.022-4241600 Email: prmnnewsroom@minded-rakyat.com©2022 Minds of the People Media Network