How to Check Television at Home Is Digital TV or Not

2022-03-26 06:34:28 By : Ms. April Lee

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - The government is implementing the Analog Switch Off program or migration of analog TV broadcasts to digital TV broadcasts, which will be started in stages.Before turning off analog broadcasts, people need to check whether the television at home supports digital broadcasting or not.In addition, the public can also check directly on the TV set.If there is a DTV option in it, then the device is already receiving digital TV.Meanwhile, on the same page, the public can also check the Digital TV Set Top Box (STB) device.The device is used to convert digital signals for use on regular analog TVs.This means that if the TV at home is not digital, people do not need to replace the device.But all you have to do is add the STB device and plug it into your existing TV.People can buy STB directly in offline and online markets.Meanwhile, the poor will be distributed free STB.The Ministry of Communication and Informatics has explained the STB distribution scheme to the poor during a meeting with Commission I of the DPR RI some time ago, as follows: