2022-07-22 23:21:09 By : Mr. Young Yang

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Alder Lake processors were first formally announced at the end of 2021 with the most powerful H-Series, followed by a range of Alder Lake Edge IoT processors, and in February, Intel officially launched Alder Lake P-Series and U-Series mobile hybrid processors which I had expected to find in several mini PCs by now.

But apart from ASRock iBOX 1200 Series announcement, and leaks of the NUC 12 Studio Pro, I had not really seen any. But today, I found what looks like a mini PC with the Polywell Nano-U12P, but it’s instead marketed as an 8K digital signage player with a choice of Alder Lake P-series and U-series processors.

VESA, wall mount, and rackmount brackets are mounting options for the digital signage player. The company lists Windows 11/Windows 10, IoT, and Linux as supported operating systems, and besides being used as a digital signage player, the company also says the device is suitable for Edge AI, deep learning, entertainment PC, set-top box, and so on.

There’s no availability and pricing information just yet. More details about the 8K digital signage player may be found on the product page.

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Seems they operate at least two brands?

Is the i3-1220P (2P+8E) disabled down from a 6P+8E die?

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